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Brett Mills Year 11 wanted to deliver cakes and a certificate to the local emergency services to say thank you for their hard work. I am very proud of this act of kindness.


Aspirations Programme

This intervention strategy allows us to target individual pupils and highlight areas where interventions are required. The aim is to improve one area of development that has been or could form a barrier to learning. Pupils will work in small groups with a designated member of staff on a daily basis over a set period to improve that area.
The five areas:

Reading - for pupils that have a decrease in their reading age and comprehension.

Development - highlights those pupils who find difficultly with their fine motor skills such as hand writing and manipulating pieces of equipment.

Academic - this is specifically for Key Stage 4 pupils to increase their self-belief and esteem in academic subjects.

Inference - for pupils who find inference difficult in written and social communication. Help pupils to understand that words can say one things but mean another and to highlight that exam questions are used to infer different meanings.

Social Interaction - to help pupils improve their social and interaction with both peers and adults.

13th January 2017: Music workshop  - an exciting day of music making led by a professional group of musicians.

17th January 2017: Key Stage 2 provision information afternoon

31st January 2017: School closed to pupils for staff training

Friday 3rd February 2017: Year 11 will take part in a world of work day as part of our PHSCE programme. Pupils will look at different employment routes and gain interview experience with professional business people.

 28th February 2017: School closed to pupils for staff training