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Shepwell School has been named as a Trinity Champion Centre 2020/21 for our successful delivery of Arts Award

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Food for Life

We are pleased to have received a £30 gardening gift voucher for competing the criteria towards the Food for Life Bronze award over May & June.

Parent and Pupil Survey

At Shepwell School, we constantly strive to reflect on and improve our practice, and we greatly value your opinions when doing this. In order for us to understand how you feel regarding the current situation and also the return to school in September, we would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the questionnaires that will emailed to all parents and pupils. There is one for parents and one for our pupils to complete. Thanks

Recovery Plan-September

Over the coming days parents and pupils will receive the recovery plan (explanation letter, visual timetable etc) for September 2020. We will have a temporary timetable-reviewed every 2 weeks. The vast majority of pupils will have a bespoke transition timetable.

Trinity Champion Centre

Very proud to be a Trinity Champion Centre and happy to inspire existing and potential centres by sharing our practice. We have been recognised for our successful delivery of our qualifications, outstanding exam results, impact on learners & innovation in the performing arts..

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Supporting children with Autism and Mental Health

Specialist staff from Shepwell Short Stay School and Specialist Alternative Provision speaking about real experiences successfully working with young people with ASD and Mental Health challenges

  • What is Autism?
  • ASD & Mental Health strategies to support pupils in your setting
  • Useful resources
  • Living and leading a successful life with Autism
  • The benefits of Alternative Provision
  • AV1 Avatar Robots- preventing children missing education
  • Networking
  • Guest speakers

For for more information and tickets please go to :

Due to the current coronavirus crisis we have unfortunately postponed our conference. We will be doing the conference at a later date. We will update you as soon as we have a set date. Thank you for your patience during this time. 

Crowdfunding to improve our counselling/therapy room

The aim of providing 1:2:1 counselling/therapy within our school is to offer our wonderful pupils with social and emotional issues the opportunity to spend valuable time with our partner support agencies including WPH Counselling and NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHS), as well as our own specialist pastoral team. CAMHS professionals include: Psychologists who help our pupils and their families explore how the difficulties they're facing affect their emotions, behaviour and thinking. CAMHS Psychotherapists work with our pupils and families to look at what might be causing their difficulties, for example, their early experiences. Counsellors from WPH are particularly sensitive to the needs of our pupils because the majority of our young people find themselves in a most confusing, challenging, frustrating and phase of their growth. During this time of conflict and growth, changes physically, sexually and emotionally occur. The majority of pupils suffer from depression, feel alone, angry and desperate. Relationships with parents can begin to break down and can they become school refusers and many self-harm. WPH professionally trained professionals help us to understand the needs of our pupils and they help them to cope and give appropriate ongoing support. Our own specialist pastoral team offer mental health first aid and ASSIST (suicide prevention) to our pupils and have an in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect well-being. The pastoral team offer practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues and have the confidence to step in, reassure and support a pupil in distress. The current therapy room is not fit for purposes because we want all our pupils to be able to feel comfortable in a safe, pleasant, and nurturing therapy room so that they open up to their therapist.

KS3 pupils have recently been on a school trip to a local radio station as part of their aspirations curriculum. They have currently been focusing on media, from this they visited the ‘Black Country Radio’. They experienced how a radio station works but also got to join in on the recording of a live show helping to introduce artists. Listen below.

Rotary Club

The local Rotary clubs have kindly donated £2000 to Shepwell School. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity and support. For more information regarding the rotary clubs please visit and

Shepwell Uniform

As you will be aware from our previous correspondence and through conversations with your child, we will be introducing a school uniform from September 2019.-

House Of Parliament

We have been incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity which allowed us enhance the British Values curriculum taught in school. The purpose of the visit was to give pupils a greater understanding of how laws are made and how parliament works. It has also enhanced the pupil's knowledge of democracy, which is being taught this term. As part of the visit, pupils took part in a ‘Representation and Voting’ workshop where they held a general election where they experienced what it is like to be a candidate and a voter. The concept of the constituency was explained before pupils were divided into competing political parties where they created their own manifestos. The trip also included a tour of the parliamentary buildings including: • The House of Commons or House of Lords chambers • A visit to the public gallery to observe the MPs or Lords working • Westminster Hall, the last remaining part of the original Palace • Central Lobby, at the very heart of the Parliamentary Estate.

No Isolation -AV1 Robots

The project is to support the education of children suffering from long-term physical and mental illness through the introduction of AV1 robots, which would enable the children to virtually attend school, socialise with classmates and remain connected to their home schools and communities. Children who are anticipated to benefit from this approach may be affected by a variety of conditions such as leukaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety disorders and recovering from transplants - they will now have the opportunity to participate in school even if they are unable to physically attend. The initiative utilises a £522,142 grant from the Alternative Provision Innovation Fund from the Department of Education, to provide continued education to children absent from school due to long-term illness. No Isolation will set up the robots, providing 24/7 technical support to the pupil, their family and/or carers, as well as the relevant training for each of the participating schools.

Aqua Aid

By using AquAid water coolers you help bring life-giving water to thousands of people every day. Our mission to help save lives is at the heart of everything we do. Through our ongoing support of Christian Aid, and by establishing the Africa Trust in 2010, we help bring sustainable solutions to poverty on a daily basis. Thanks to your support and a shared belief in making the world a better place, we have to date donated in excess of £12 million and helped bring a life-time supply of clean, fresh drinking water to more than 2 million people

Molineux Stadium

As a start to their topic on sport, the pupils were treated to a tour of the molineux. They got to sit in the teams changing rooms and experience what it is like for both home and away teams on match days. As a follow on from this, two coaches from the Molineux Pan Disability Team are currently working with KS3 in PE for a 12 week period.

Guide Dogs

Shepwell School are very proud to announce that we raised £340 for the guide dogs for the blind association. Guide dogs came into Shepwell School, to talk to the pupils about why it is so vital that money is raised to allow training to continue. Guide Dogs exists to provide life-changing services to the 360,000 people who are registered blind or partially sighted, and the two million people in the UK living with sight loss. We provide a range of services with and beyond the dog to help thousands of people with different needs lead confident, independent and fulfilling lives