Introduction to Home & Hospital Tuition


Home Tuition at Shepwell School, values the whole child approach.  As well as teaching each and every pupil, we also support their social and emotional needs through what may be a more challenging time when they feel more vulnerable.  We provide that much needed link between home and school and that stepping stone back to their mainstream setting.  The need to liaise with a variety of services and agencies is also important in order to help transition the pupil back to their mainstream school.  We also attend professional meetings and support the EHCP process when pupil’s require wider ranging or a different type of provision to help their educational needs.  Staff at Shepwell School provide each student with engaging and interactive lessons while also maintaining a link with their school curriculum.

Hospital Teaching is completely different to any other type of teaching you will encounter.  The pupils we teach at the Manor Hospital in Walsall vary in age from 4 to 16 and are generally short stay with many of them there for only one or two days.  The intent of the staff at Shepwell School is to provide them with rich learning experiences while also considering both their health and mental wellbeing.  We aim to engage and inspire each pupil using a variety of strategies and resources.

HOME TUITION intent 2020

We always endeavour to begin teaching a pupil as soon as possible, capacity allowing, once the referral has been accepted.  An initial visit and first assessment are carried out by two members of our team to get to know the child and meet the parents/carers.

Home Tuition provides 1:1 learning for pupils from EYFS to KS4.  Our timetables change regularly so our team works very closely together to ensure a smooth operation of service.  This is ably co-ordinated by the Head of the Home Tuition Service. Most lessons are usually between 60 to 90 minutes dependent on the age and needs of the pupil.

As Home Tuition teachers we also:

  • Complete a shared timetable with the pupil.
  • Ensure the pupil has a home work diary.
  • Monitor the tracker to ensure all data is filled out and targets are added regularly.
  • Monitor the SEMH Tracker to ensure targets are updated.
  • Email/phone the school, asking for information regarding work for the pupil.
  • Update the school each week regarding pupil progress and any other issues that may arise.
  • Communicate information with parents where necessary.
  • Arrange and attend review meetings. Complete the review meeting paper work.
  • Engage with other agencies or services where necessary.
  • Support the transition back to school.
  • Complete school, parent/carer and pupil questionnaires.
  • Write case studies where appropriate.
  • Liaise with office staff to ensure all paperwork is up to date and accurate.

HOSPITAL intent 2020

There is at least one member of staff at the hospital every working day.  Shepwell staff work from their own office, within the ward, where a variety of resources are maintained. We start by having a handover meeting with medical staff or the playworkers to find out which patients are in the ward and available for teaching.

Teaching is 1:1 and usually at the bedside with the parents often actively taking part.  As skilled teachers, we are able to assess the needs of the pupils quickly and identify gaps in learning, thus allowing the pupils to make progress.  We teach and support pupils with a wide range of abilities from students with profound learning needs to more academically able students.  As a consequence, our curriculum is flexible in order to meet the wide-ranging needs and education goals of each pupil. Lessons usually last between 20 and 60 minutes, dependent on each pupil and the number of children available for teaching that day.  We also work with students with mental health needs and have received additional resources to be able to support these students effectively