Introduction to Home & Hospital Tuition


The Home and Hospital Tuition Services will, where possible, provide an education appropriate to the needs of the child to allow the child to keep up with their studies. This is particularly important when a pupil is approaching public examinations. Children and young people supported by the H & HTS may study for a range of tests and examinations according to their educational needs and in co-operation with their own school e.g. controlled assessments, GCSE’s etc. It is the statutory responsibility of the school at which the child or young person is on roll to ensure schemes of work are provided for the H & HTS and to make all external examination entries. Transfer arrangements may be made to allow the child or young person to take their examinations at the Shepwell School.

Home Tuition

This includes pupils who have been discharged from hospital and/or those pupils with medical conditions who are unable to attend school for 15 days or more.

All referrals will be confirmed by the Teacher in charge and the Head Teacher through contact with the appropriate medical staff.

An appropriate start date will be decided as soon as possible, which will be convenient for all concerned.

For those pupils who made referred by non-medical personnel, a medical note will be required indicating the length of support required. The Teacher in charge, with the Home Tutor will review the length of support and request up dating wherever necessary.

The Teacher in charge and an experienced Home Tutor will carry out an initial home visit.

Pupils will be supported for a maximum of 5 hours a week at Key stage 3 and a maximum of 10 hours a week at Key stage 4.

The mainstream school is responsible for providing/setting work and responsible for marking all work completed. Feedback to the mainstream school will be done weekly.

Home tuition will commence when the school returns a signed service level agreement.

All pupils are offered a supportive re-integration package.

Pupils away from school due to long term illness, who find returning to their mainstream school difficult, will have some teaching time at the School to support their re-integration into mainstream education.

Hospital Tuition

The hospital teaching staff are informed of new admission by accessing the ward admission book daily and liaising with the medical staff on ward 212, Walsall manor hospital. Teaching will take place in the Education Room or by the pupils bedside if they are too ill to go to the classroom. Teaching starts from day one but priority is given to pupils who are long stay (three or more days) and those that have a recurrent condition. When necessary communication with the pupils Mainstream school will occur to ensure continuity for the pupil.

In order to provide continuity of provision the hospital teacher will notify the Teacher in charge of the service about pupils who will require home education or education in the school upon discharge from hospital.

A wide range of subjects are provided at the hospital as teaching staff with varying specialism’s attend to facilitate this.