Introduction to Outreach Support

The Shepwell Short Stay School & Learning Centre provides an Outreach Support Service for Walsall schools. We provide specialist support for young people experiencing levels of Anxiety, Autism or Social vulnerability. We have a skilled team that personalise programmes to meet the needs of individuals. Our ultimate aim is to build healthy and happy young people.

Our Offer
Group work – friendships
Social skills
Anger management strategies (programmes run for around 6-8wks)

1:1 work – individualised programmes
Staff/School training plans

Parent support groups

Outreach Clients: Student
 Autism Spectrum
 Socially Isolated
 Anxiety
 Anger Management
Outreach Clients: Other
 School
 School Staff
 Parents

Outcomes: Student
 Support and strategy development
 Motivation/Empowerment
 Improve confidence, self esteem, resiliency
Outcomes: Schools
 Positive attendance impact
 Awareness of specific needs
 Effective strategies
 Trained staff
Outcomes: Parents
 Sharing good practice
 Parent support group
 New skills learned
 Understanding available services
 Identification of own needs