Shepwell Uniform

Shepwell School is evolving and expanding and as ever, and we want to prepare our young people for life beyond school. All of our pupils will have worn a school uniform in both their primary and previous secondary schools, and with many of our pupils likely to transition onto other schools in the future, wearing a uniform will be part of this process.

Uniforms will come into many aspects of young people’s lives, whether that is during a part time job they take on during college, or a career route they pursue in the future, many roles require them to wear a uniform or follow a dress code. Therefore, having a uniform in school is integral to our student’s future prospects and aspirations.
We understand that with the nature of our setting students may be placed at Shepwell for both short and long term placements and therefore we feel it would not be appropriate to have a formal expensive uniform and it’s for this reason why all we ask is that students to wear the basic but smart Shepwell uniform.

“I feel happy at school, when I wear my school uniform I feel soft, nice and smart.”

Shepwell Uniform:

  •  Blue polo shirt with Shepwell logo
  • (For sensory needs there is an option of a blue T-shirt this needs to be discussed and approved upon starting)
  • Grey or Navy hoodie with Shepwell logo
  • Navy sweatshirt with Shepwell logo (optional)

If you need to order any uniform please complete the Shepwell Uniform Order Form and return to the office. Payment can be made via your SchoolComms account. Please speak to reception if you have any questions.

Uniform Policy

Uniform Order Form