Curriculum Support

Shepwell are now encouraging all pupils to access the free online platform, Seneca. All pupils in centre have had a login created and pupils on Home Tuition have been shown how to access the site.

This valuable revision tool can be used by the direction of specific subject teachers and work loaded ready for pupils to access and complete, or pupils can browse the site independently and work on what they feel they need to.

Pupils currently using Seneca seem to be both enjoying and gaining from it. 

Special Educational Needs
The Head Teacher and staff aim to ensure pupils with SEN have the greatest possible access to a personalised curriculum which best meets their needs. Partnership with parents and schools is seen as essential and the views of the young person are sought and valued.

Equal Opportunities
We are committed to providing equal opportunities and access to learning for all young people. We aim to provide a learning environment in which each person is respected and his / her contribution recognised and valued.

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

In the academic year 2019-2020 Shepwell School anticipated to receive £212.00 to be used for support. This money was used to fund 1-1 support sessions for those children who were eligible.

If you require information on curriculum support within the Shepwell School.

Please feel free to contact Sharon Wilson at

If you require more information about Autism support within the Specialist Alternative Provision centre.

Please feel free to contact Julie Bloomfield at: