Mental Health Support

The Shepwell School ensures that all pupils are supported in all aspects of their mental health.  We provide all pupils with the tools and skills they need to enable them and their mental health to thrive; additionally some of our pupils may need further more intensive interventions to best support them. At Shepwell School we have an excellent team of staff who are able to support further when this is the case. Though mental health and well-being is a whole school approach and all staff are trained to support pupils some staff have a more tailored set of skills specifically developed to support those pupils who may need more individualised interventions and support. Onsite here at The Shepwell School we have 3 mental health first aiders (one of which specialises in youth mental health) and one suicide first aider and psychological first aider. Our vision is to ensure that every single pupil is supported in an individualised way which suits their differing needs. Mental Health Interventions are delivered on a 1 2 1 basis by a specialist member of the team. On our website we aim to provide useful information, contacts and websites to support parents and pupils. However if you need additional support and cannot find it here please contact any of the below members of staff who can help you further.

Sharon Wilson

Jayne Hoey

Tanya Birch

Inclusion and Well-being Support

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Suicide First Aid

Psychological First Aid

Karis Osborne


Mental Health First Aid

Samantha Harrison

Administration Assistant

Mental Health First Aid


Stay Alive

Stay Alive is a free suicide prevention app that helps its users to stay safe from acting on their thoughts of suicide.

Self-help Anxiety Management (SAM)

This app is useful for helping the user manage their anxiety. The anxiety tracker can help the user better understand things that make them feel anxious, whilst the self-help toolkit allows them to learn new skills around anxiety management


This NHS app allows the user to track and understand influences behind their moods. Acting like a mood diary, this app can be helpful in identifying triggers that can impact on low mood and also suggests ways to help lift your mood.

Calm Harm

This app can be used to help the user manage urges to self-harm. It’s a private app and can be password protected. The help and advice provides suggestions of 5-15 minute categorised activities that can help the user ‘ride the wave’ of an urge to self-harm.