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Welcome to The Shepwell School, providing education for young people in the Borough of Walsall who are unable to attend their mainstream schools because of medical, social and emotional needs. 

Internet Safety Meeting for Parents & Carers

Wednesday 11th October 2017


At Shepwell Short Stay School 

FREE event – refreshments provided. Contact the school to book a place.

As part of our commitment to keep children safe we have organised another online safety meeting for parent on Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 1.30pm. Nicola Rudge, the online safety advisor for Walsall will lead the session for parents and carers, which will focus on how to keep safe online, the dangers to be aware of and how to keep children safe in a digital world.

Download the letter here:

The recent 5K sponsored event raised a fabulous £5300 to help one of our pupils to receive treatment in the USA.

We now offer the Friends Resilience Programme:

FRIENDS for Life is an internationally recognised programme that teaches our pupils techniques to cope with anxiety and promote wellbeing, social and emotional skills and resilience.

FRIENDS for Life builds skills using the FRIENDS mnemonic:

F: Feelings
R: Remember to relax
I: I can do it, I can try
E: Explore solutions and coping step-plans
N: Now reward yourself, you’ve done your best
D: Do practice 
S: Smile, stay calm, use your support networks

FRIENDS for Life is the only programme of its kind endorsed by the World Health Organisation as "efficacious across the entire spectrum, as a universal prevention program, as a targeted prevention program and as a treatment."

Research on the programme shows reduced anxiety and depression, increased coping skills and self-esteem, with improvements maintained up to 6 years after the completion of the programme.

It enables children to learn a range of skills, including how to:

  • identify 'anxiety-increasing' thoughts and to replace them with more helpful thoughts
  • identify anxious (and other difficult) feelings and learn to manage them
  • learn to overcome problems rather than avoid them.