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Hospital Tuition

The pupils we teach at the Manor Hospital in Walsall vary in age from 4 to 16 and are generally short stay with many of them there for only one or two days.  The intent of the staff at Shepwell School is to provide them with rich learning experiences while also considering both their health and mental wellbeing.  We aim to engage and inspire each pupil using a variety of strategies and resources.


Teaching is 1:1 and usually at the bedside with the parents often actively taking part.  As skilled teachers, we are able to assess the needs of the pupils quickly and identify gaps in learning, thus allowing the pupils to make progress. 

We teach and support pupils with a wide range of abilities from students with profound learning needs to more academically able students.  As a result, our curriculum is flexible in order to meet the wide-ranging needs and education goals of each pupil.


Lessons usually last between 20 and 60 minutes, dependent on each pupil and the number of children available for teaching that day.  We also work with students with mental health needs and have received additional resources to be able to support these students effectively.