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The Shepwell School Curriculum

Children and young people will access suitable and flexible education appropriate for their needs. The service aims to maintain and progress the young person's learning by addressing their needs through a personalised approach, in liaison with the young person and their mainstream school. In the Centre we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum:

Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
English English (GCSE)
Mathematics Mathematics (GCSE)
Science Science (GCSE)

Project Days: RE/Modern Foreign Languages/History


Music (GCSE)

Life Skills - Food Technology - Financial Management


Health and Social Care (BTEC Level 2)

Business and Enterprise  (BTEC Level 2)

Creative Arts - Music/Drama/Art Skills for Work  (BTEC Level 1)
Sport Food Preparation and Nutrition   (GCSE)


SULP (Social Use of Language)

PSHCE / Life Skills / Nurture / Sport

Arts Award (Bronze)

CEIAG-ASDAN: Careers & Experiencing Work

Arts Award (Bronze)

ASDAN Key Steps: Personal Finance / Environmental Education / Enterprise & Internationalism

Arts Award (Bronze)

The Home and Hospital Tuition Services will, where possible, provide a minimum of 5 hours teaching per week. This is a minimum and should be increased, where necessary, to allow a pupil to keep up with their studies. This is particularly important when a pupil is approaching public examinations. Children and young people supported by the HHTS may study for a range of tests and examinations according to their educational needs and in co-operation with their own school e.g. controlled assessments, GCSE's etc. It is the statutory responsibility of the school at which the child or young person is on roll to ensure schemes of work are provided for the HHTS and to make all external examination entries. Transfer arrangements may be made to allow the child or young person to take their examinations at the Shepwell School. This is the responsibility of the mainstream school examination officer to arrange.

Careers Guidance / Next Steps
The Shepwell School considers this to be an important part of the young person's educational planning, in liaison with school especially at KS4. We have access to a Prospects advisor who is available to offer advice and support to the young person. We also include careers as part of our life skills and personalised learning curriucum. The Head Teacher and Student Learning Mentor will assist with personal statements for university, and college applications. Across the service we encourage discussion about future aspirations to inform personalised education programmes.

Work Experience
In consultation with parents / carers, young people and their school we may be able to facilitate work experience. Examples of work experience that our students have undertaken include placements at the Education Development Centre, Pets R Us and The Beauty Salon.

Special Educational Needs
The Head Teacher and staff aim to ensure pupils with SEN have the greatest possible access to a personalised curriculum which best meets their needs. Partnership with parents and schools is seen as essential and the views of the young person are sought and valued.

Equal Opportunities
We are committed to providing equal opportunities and access to learning for all young people. We aim to provide a learning environment in which each person is respected and his / her contribution recognised and valued.

Anti Racism
We celebrate multicultural diversity. We are opposed to all forms of racist behaviour and seek to cultivate understanding of other cultures through our teaching.

Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy
The Shepwell School is committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the welfare of the young people entrusted to its care at all times. The service fully supports and operates the Walsall policy and procedures on this matter.