Cadburys World Trip

Rewards trip to Cadbury World

At Christmas, pupils were invited to take part in a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham as a reward for excellent attendance, punctuality, behaviour and hard work in school.  All staff and pupils had a fantastic day and returned to school with a large box of bars to share with everyone who stayed onsite.

At Shepwell we aim to reward and praise all pupils for their good efforts. This happens in a variety of ways and we particularly encouraged teachers to make regular phone calls home when they feel a pupil has been particularly good within their lesson. A member of SLT make a positive telephone call every Friday to nominated parents of pupils identified by staff.

We use a merit system throughout the school that is recognised by all staff and pupils. Pupils have a merit tracker sheet within their school planner that they take to every lesson. Staff are able to award merits for reasons they deem fit such as excellent class work, supporting others, polite and respectful behaviour. These merits are checked weekly and inputted onto a spreadsheet where we are able to track pupil’s achievements. During school assembly on a Friday where pupils receive rewards for their merits, 30 or more in one week is a £5 ‘Love to Shop’ voucher and when they achieve 50 merits they receive a stationery reward such as pens, note pads, felt tips and many more. At the end of the school year the pupil with the most merits receives a substantial award of up to £50 and a plaque with their name on.

Staff have a weekly meeting where we have the opportunity to nominate pupils for ‘student of the week’ , ‘writer of the week’, ‘Masterchef’ plus a range of other certificates. These certificates are also handed out on a Friday and pupils receive 10 merits each time they are nominated.

Due to the nature of our school we deem rewards to be crucial in the school development and progress of all pupils with attendance being a major focus. Every term we look at pupil’s attendance and for those that have 97% or above they are given the opportunity to attend a rewards trip. This trip is chosen by the students during school council meetings. We have taken part in a range of activities such as cinema, bowling and trampolining.