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Home & Hospital Tuition

Home Tuition at Shepwell School, values the whole child approach.  As well as teaching each and every pupil, we also support their social and emotional needs through what may be a more challenging time when they feel more vulnerable.  We provide that much needed link between home and school and that stepping stone back to their mainstream setting.  The need to liaise with a variety of services and agencies is also important in order to help transition the pupil back to their mainstream school.  We also attend professional meetings and support the EHCP process when pupil’s require wider ranging or a different type of provision to help their educational needs.  Staff at Shepwell School provide each student with engaging and interactive lessons while also maintaining a link with their school curriculum.


Hospital Teaching is completely different to any other type of teaching you will encounter.  The pupils we teach at the Manor Hospital in Walsall vary in age from 4 to 16 and are generally short stay with many of them there for only one or two days.  The intent of the staff at Shepwell School is to provide them with rich learning experiences while also considering both their health and mental wellbeing.  We aim to engage and inspire each pupil using a variety of strategies and resources.

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