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Shepwell School

‘Believing is Achieving’

Our ethos and values

Introduction to Shepwell School

Our vision is to create an outstanding alternative education provision for young people who, by reason of illness, ASD, have social and emotional problems resulting in an interruption to school attendance, who are pregnant or a school refuser. Our school will radically improve the achievement and life chances of our students. We want every student on leaving us to progress to continuing education, training or employment.




To achieve this we place great emphasis on the following principles:

High value: We will have an environment where every child matters and a sense of value is the core of our ethos, where the young people feel valued and in turn value themselves, others, their community and the wider world which includes the environment

Focussed learning: We aim to build up an appropriate, inclusive and extended curriculum, recognising the challenges faced by our students outside the normal school day, often resulting in frequent relapses from progress.

Broad career-focused curriculum: We will offer our students an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum with strong links to the arts, technology, culture and sport.

World view: We will provide our students with opportunities to engage with and appreciate other young people in poorer nations in the world

Learning in the community: Our students will enjoy learning in an environment that helps them to understand the importance of making a positive contribution to the community and society as a whole

Our ethos: Our students will learn in a supportive, caring and happy environment where three key words operate – compassion, respect and responsibility

Flexibility to progress: the learning environment will offer all students the flexibility for a personalised reintegration plan into a mainstream school or complete their compulsory education with us.

Parental choice: Our school will offer parents and young people in the Black County a choice of education for their child.