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What People Say About Us…

In our latest Parent questionnaire, parents said that 100% that :

  • Their Child is happy at Shepwell
  • Their Child is Taught well
  • Shepwell ensures that pupils are well behaved
  • Shepwell responds well to any concerns they raise
  • They receive valuable information from the Shepwell about their child’s progress
  • They always recieve a warm welcome when they visit the school
  • They would recommend this school to another parent of a child with a medial, social, emotional, menthal health issues and/or autism.


Several parents have also made further comments, as follows:

  • We cannot thank Shepwell enough what you have done for *****.
  • A truly amazing school all staff deal with all my child’s issues/problems/struggles and support both myself and my child. I would describe Shepwell staff and school as outstanding.
  • **** has never felt happier since being at Shepwell. He has come on leaps and bounds since starting.
  • **** has improved greatly since attending Shepwell.
  • Really happy, now loves Maths. Fantastic school for a child to attend if they need any help. Couldn’t be happier with the school.
  • “Shepwell has changed my life. I spend more time with my family and they now like me being with them”
  • “Without Shepwell I would have tried to kill myself again”
  • “Shepwell teachers are fantastic they help my daughter and they support me”
  • “The teachers are so helpful my son has made more progress in 6 weeks than he did in a whole year at mainstream school”
  • “******** now enjoys school we don’t have fights in the morning anymore”. It has made life much better and I’m much happier”
  • “I think home tuition is fantastic for my daughter. The teachers are great and ****** looks forward to the lessons”
  • “The teachers are so understanding and *****enjoys going to Shepwell. At ******* school he would refuse to attend and cause issues every morning and reduce me to tears. I hated him at times but now everything is fantastic”
  • “Shepwell helped me to be confident. They always listen to me and help me. I’m not scared of school anymore”
  • “You really did save my life”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and inspiration. You have changed us all for the better”
  • “I couldn’t have wished for three better teachers. He loved the lessons and has made fantastic progress in just three weeks”
  • “The work you do is truly amazing-never give up”
  • “I can’t believe it’s the end of my time at Shepwell, it’s gone so fast. You’ve all seen me at my worst and at my best but you’ve all been there to support me every step of the way. I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m going to miss you all loads”
  • “I hated school and never wanted to go. Now my attendance is 90% and I’m very proud of myself and I love school. Thank you Shepwell”
  • “At Shepwell I’m much more focussed and very proud of myself”
  • “I really love Shepwell, teachers are nice and helpful and I know I’m making much more progress in lessons”
  • “I like Shepwell I find mainstream school depressing and this makes me feel poorly again”
  • “At mainstream I wasn’t getting anywhere, I struggled; teachers didn’t understand, help or care about me. Only one teacher tried to help but at Shepwell everyone helps me”
  • “Shepwell has given me confidence. I’m really proud of myself for walking into school on my own. My grades have gone down because I missed a lot of school. Shepwell is helping me to catch up and I know I’m doing really well”