Our Staff

Mr S Pritchard -Jones


Mrs L Southall

Deputy Headteacher

Lead: KS4 Health & Care

Mrs E Hollis

Assistant Head Teacher

Head of Home & Hospital Tuition Service


Miss H Fletcher

SLT: Mathematics and Data Lead

Mrs S Wilson

SLT: Inclusion/Safeguarding 

Mrs J Bloomfield

SLT: Head of Alternative Specialist Provision

Mrs V Rudd

Lead Practitioner

Music Teacher

Home & Hospital Teacher

Arts Award Lead


Mr J Russell

Science Teacher

Mrs A Sharma

Science Teacher

Home Tuition Teacher

Mrs J Walker

English Lead Teacher

Home & Hospital English Teacher

Mr D Straughan

English Teacher

Mrs J Landymore

Food & Nutrition Teacher

Miss H Evans

Alternative Specialist Provision Teacher


Mrs L Swann


Speech and Language


Mr N Mason

ICT Tutor

Data/Flight Paths

Karis Osborne

SLSP: Maths 

Mental Health First Aid

Careers Lead

Tanya Birch

Inclusion and well being support

Designated Mental Health Lead

Examinations Officer

PE subject Lead

Mrs H Tudor

SLSP: Alternative Specialist Provision

Trips & Visits Lead

Mr A Rudd

LSP: Alternative Specialist Provision

Miss A Cocklin

Home & Hospital Tuition Teacher

Outreach Co-ordinator

Mrs K Astbury

Home & Hospital Maths Teacher

Miss D Parr

Outreach Support

Miss J Walker

Maths Teacher

Home Tuition Teacher

Mrs J Hoey

Safeguarding Lead

Attendace / Pupil and Parent Support

Mrs L Bowen

School Business Manager

Fire Warden/Medical

Mrs S Harrison


Administrative assistant.

Paul Bruton-Holmes

School Site Manager

Helen Rubery

Kitchen Manger

Michelle Alwill

Kitchen Assistant

Debbie Hughes

School Nurse

Jo Mumford

Educational Phycologist